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What We Can Do For Your Optimal Security

Multi-Stage Security System
Bezirks-Sparkasse Dielsdorf uses three security elements (contract number, password and additional code). Enter your contract number and password to login, then Bezirks-Sparkasse Dielsdorf will ask for a specific additional code on a second page.

Encrypted Data Transfer / Certificate
All data is encrypted by 128-bit at least. The transfer of encrypted data is ensured with the certificate. The bank provides a certificate when establishing the connection. Your browser is able to identify from this certificate whether you are actually connected to the bank's secure server. Satisfy yourself,by clicking on the lock, that the certificate shown has been issued for the bank.

Secure Infrastructure
Internet banking has very high standards of security. The Bezirks-Sparkasse Dielsdorf computer network is shielded from the outside world by our own firewall system.

Secure Communication
Confidential information should not be sent by e-mail as e-mails are transmitted unencrypted through the internet. You therefore have the option with NetBanking to send us your message encrypted via SecureMail (mailbox).

Transfer of Current Information via SecureMail or Login Window
If need be, we have the option of sending you up-to-date information and messages via a protected SecureMail channel or displaying it on the login page.

Continuous Update of 'Questions and Answers'
In the section 'Questions and Answers' in NetBanking Help you will find a list of questions relating to «Security» that is continually updated.