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General Security

It is hard to imagine our everyday lives without personal computers. E-mails, holiday photographs, travel bookings and electronic banking - today's personal computers contain a large volume of personal information that requires protecting. As an open communications system, the internet regrettably conceals certain dangers in addition to providing innumerable opportunities.

We make use of the best possible security precautions to guarantee the security of and continuously improve the services NetBanking provides. Security in all of your banking transactions is of the utmost concern to us! These security measures are described in more detail in the chapter entitled «What We Can Do For Your Optimal Security».

But even the most effective systems cannot be protected against negligence. You can minimize the risk to yourself by taking appropriate precautionary measures to ensure that your data is protected against access by third parties. With vigilant and regular maintenance of your computer, you can significantly help to keep your data secure and confidential, thereby increasing your security with electronic banking. We have summarised the key points in the chapter «What You Can Do For Additional Security».

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