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The SMS-Code security solution for eBanking goes one step further when it comes to security.

Two independent communication channels (Internet and mobile network) make it possible for you to log in safely and for your payments to be systematically verified.

  • Increased security by distributing onto two channels: Internet and mobile network
  • The SMS-Code is only valid for a limited period of time, which also minimises the risk of misuse.
  • In some cases, you will be able to verify payments and to approve them with a transaction confirmation.

Log-in Method Using an SMS-Code

Instead of using a security code or a security code list, in the future you will log into eBanking using an SMS-Code. The SMS-Code will be sent to you free of charge via the mobile phone number you registered with us in advance.

Payments using a Transaction Confirmation

The transaction confirmation protects you from transferring funds to third parties unintentionally. To do so, we analyse your payments and in certain cases will send you a text message providing you with payment details so that you can again verify the data provided for the payee.

Which payments you will need to approve again using this transaction confirmation is determined based on certain rules defined by the bank. For security purposes, we do not communicate the details of these rules.

As a transaction confirmation, you will receive a text message that will include, along with the payment details, a code that you will need to enter into eBanking and in doing so you will sign off or rather approve the payment.

Terms and Conditions for Electronic Services

Due to the introduction of the new security solution in eBanking, the terms and conditions for electronic services were also updated. You will find these on our homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find frequently asked questions on the subject SMS-Code and transaction signatures under the column ”Questions and answers".